Preview of “Sir” online now

His Name Is Sir

I’m pleased to announce that a preview of “His Name Is Sir” is available now as a sneak peek into this third book of “The Power to Please” series. We also have the cover finalized, as you can see here.

I plan to publish “Sir” so it will be available at Amazon some time Monday, April 29. It’s impossible to give a precise time because of how the system works. Also, any date I give presumes that Amazon won’t hold the book back for review. They haven’t done it to my other books, so I assume they won’t do it to this one either. I’ll post on my blog and Facebook when “Sir” actually goes live.

I’m excited about this latest release. Now I need to turn my thoughts and time to the fourth and final book in the series. Nonnie’s erotic journey isn’t over yet.

Happy sneak peeking!

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