Speaking of the power to please

I’ll tell you what pleases me — the success of last weekend’s promotional giveaway at Amazon and a five-star review at Manic Readers.

“The Businessman’s Tie” had a spectacular ride on the Amazon bestselling lists in the USA, UK and Germany. Sunday afternoon, it hit its apex at #6 on Amazon.com’s free erotica list and floated between #6 and #8 for the remainder of the day. At Amazon.co.de, it reached #11 for English language free erotica.

Most exciting of all was that “Biz” rose as high as #2 on the UK free erotica bestseller list! Truly, a wonderful weekend.

In other happy news, I discovered today that Manic Readers released their review of “Biz.” Alberta gave it five out of five stars and said some very kind things about the book. Am I pleased? You betcha!

Suddenly, I got this image of the guys in that insurance advertisement, the one with the banjos. I see the man asking me, “How pleased are you?” My response, “As pleased as Ron Hoyte loosed at a Topless Breast Convention.” Cue banjo playing.

Okay, wait … hold the banjos. I may have exaggerated. It would be impossible to match Ron’s level of delight in that particular situation. He is, after all, the connoisseur of boobage. Don’t know what I was thinking.

Uh-oh. Breaking news. Resume the banjos. Seriously.

I was getting ready to go post this when a friend called and told me to check the top 100 paid Erotica Bestseller list at Amazon UK. There, at #78 and #79, are “The Playboy’s Proposition” and “His Name Is Sir,” respectively, side by side.

There is no way Ron Hoyte could be happier than I am right now. This is the first time I’ve charted on a paid list. Hurrah! Took a quick screen shot since they will likely fall again before morning. 🙂

Happy music play on.

P.S. — Indeed, it didn’t last. Twenty minutes later, they dropped to #93 and #95. LOL. Fun while it lasted, all the same.

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