Future plans … and yep, I’m also Anwen Stiles

Happy new yearHope you’ve all had a lovely holiday season. I haven’t been active on this blog in a long while, spending my time mostly on Twitter these days. I wanted to pop by and give an update on what I’ve been up to in the last year. I’ve been asked what I’m working on of late and what my publication plans are in the future, and I have to say that I definitely have some (plans, that is). 🙂

If you’re interested in other things I’ve written, you can check out the stories of Anwen Stiles, which is the name under which I publish my short fiction (and one fantasy novel). As Anwen, I’ve published a number of short stories, all of them erotic and exclusive to Amazon (which makes them available to borrow for free if you’re signed up for the Kindle Unlimited program). I’ve listed the titles and genres below.

Anwen’s Author Page Link at Amazon

A Menage, Sexy and Short Romance Series (erotic, three men, one lady, it must be love):

The Fantasy Guild Series (multiple partner erotica — very sexy, little to no romance):

Golem’s Mistress, Magic’s Price (an erotic Fantasy novel, includes magic and romance, previously published under the title “Golem’s Revenge”)

  • Golem’s Mistress, Magic’s Price will be available for sale again in late August 2015 as a full novel, and will be available for borrowing with Kindle Unlimited

Risky Hookups (sex with strangers/exhibitionism erotic series of four short stories, no romance):


I hope you’ll check out some of my stories I’ve written under Anwen Stiles, and let me know if you enjoy them. You can write me here at the blog, at my email address deena@deenaward.com, and/or follow me on Twitter.

Here’s to a great New Year, and may you find lots of books to love in 2015! Cheers!

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